SWexy Belles Body Conditioning

SWeaty + sEXY = SWEXY

SWEXY Belles Body Conditioning is designed to leave you feeling strong, accepted and empowered during your workout and beyond!

Led by specialist Women’s Exercise Coach Lisa, and focusing on posture, pelvic floor and deep strength and co-ordination, SWEXY Belles is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and some muscles on your body!

SWEXY Belles….

Meeting every Wednesday at Zeals Village Hall with a group of likeminded, fun & focused women, we use bodyweight, resistance bands and kettlebells to progressively challenge your core and strengthen your entire body. The sessions are different every week so you never get bored but are consistently female-focused and fun!

Programmes are offered around school holidays and are on a pre-paid basis to allow you to get the maximum success and focus from your commitment.


The programmes are very low impact and designed to be effective and suppportive to the female body. It is very pelvic floor friendly and any movement that might upset any pelvic floor disorder is avoided. The programme is suited for any age and level of fitness although you will need to complete a Pre-Activity Health Questionnaire (PARQ) before attending. I may need to speak to you directly about any aspect of your PARQ and, may suggest a referral to a formal Health Care provider if you are not suitable at this time.

Forthcoming Programmes…

SWEXY Summer!

Join us from Wednesday 26th April at 7pm during the summer half terms:

Wednesday 26th April – Wednesday 24th May 2017

£27.70 (5 sessions pre-paid)

Wednesday 7th June – Wednesday 19th July 2017

£38.50 (7 sessions pre-paid)

Pay for all 12 sessions upfront & receive a session FREE for £60.

How to Pay…

Cash, cheque or BACS transfer gratefully received.

All payments to Mrs LM Butler.

BACS Transfer to Account 90566756, Sort Code 40-47-61 .


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  • Classes are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Pre Activity Health Questionnaires must be completed by all participants prior to attendance.
  • Classes must be paid in full and in advance of the course.
  • On attending the first class, no refund can be given for the cancellation of the half/term.
  • Classes are valid for the duration of the course for which they were registered.
  • There is no transferral of classes from term to term, course to course or person to person.
  • Classes may be cancelled due to circumstances out of your Instructor’s control e.g. poor weather conditions, sickness. Credit against future programmes may be given in these circumstances.